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An Inside Look: What Really Happens on the District Board? by Carissa Kelley

It’s your first DCON and the first time you’ve ever heard of the “District Board”. I know the feeling. It’s overwhelming, exciting, and so eye-opening. With every Key Club event you attend, the greater amount of Key Club and it’s international impact we are able to see. So, what is the district board - and do they actually do anything?
In short, the answer is yes. While there may be lots of snack-eating and cheesy insta-story videos being taken, board meetings are quite essential to the function of the RMD board as well as district. Each board meeting, we make specific goals to achieve. Some of these goals have to do with communication - ensuring that members, club officers, and advisors everywhere are informed of upcoming events and important deadlines (in addition to other opportunities and information). Some of these goals are directed toward planning. Planning is a large portion of the duties of the district board. From DCON to rallies to the enormous strategic plan we recently dev…