An Inside Look: What Really Happens on the District Board? by Carissa Kelley

It’s your first DCON and the first time you’ve ever heard of the “District Board”. I know the feeling. It’s overwhelming, exciting, and so eye-opening. With every Key Club event you attend, the greater amount of Key Club and it’s international impact we are able to see. So, what is the district board - and do they actually do anything?

In short, the answer is yes. While there may be lots of snack-eating and cheesy insta-story videos being taken, board meetings are quite essential to the function of the RMD board as well as district. Each board meeting, we make specific goals to achieve. Some of these goals have to do with communication - ensuring that members, club officers, and advisors everywhere are informed of upcoming events and important deadlines (in addition to other opportunities and information). Some of these goals are directed toward planning. Planning is a large portion of the duties of the district board. From DCON to rallies to the enormous strategic plan we recently developed (to be proposed at District Convention this year!). The achievement of these goals are essential to the well-being and efficiency of our division. Without this planning and dedication, there would be no such thing as DCON - and without DCON,  we would have no governor! You see, everything must be considered and thoroughly planned out.

Talk about thoroughly planning! The District Governor (this year, Sam Stoltz) is very much in charge of this planning and meticulous consideration of details. Running board meetings can be stressful and is always very busy. A governor must be able to keep the board focused and productive, while maintaining an atmosphere that encourages new ideas and creativity. As a resource and support to all board members and district Key Clubbers, the governor is KEY to the function of the district.

Another important member of the district board is the District Secretary (Jennifer Torres). From paperwork to meeting minutes, her work is essential to the logistical aspects of the RMD board.

The treasurer is responsible for collecting dues and developing an effective budget for the district to follow. Without a detailed organization of district spending, the dues and profits would be poorly utilized. We can be thankful for a fantastic treasurer this year (Payten Spencer).

The district editor (me) is responsible for the development of a district identity. Assisting with DCON designs and newsletters, the aesthetic of RMD is truly one of the most important duties of the District Editor.

Lieutenant Governors are the mouthpiece from the district to the club officers and members! Their dedication is focused on the well being of their respective districts. Make sure to thank your LTG for what they do for you and your division!

Chairs are important for the delegation of specific topics. Each chair runs a committee: Social Media (tech chair), K-Fam, Strategic Plan (run by District Secretary), and DCON. Committees have regular calls to plan and check-in on progress.

Through the RMD history, we have had multiple ambassador positions on the board. This year, we have introduced the role of a CKI Ambassador (Cameron Murfitt). The CKI Ambassador is in charge of developing a path of smooth transition between Key Club and Circle K (the college version of Key Club).

While Key Club is a student-led organization, the support of adults is very important (and who doesn’t love Kiwanians?!). As of this year, we have a new District Advisor, Ann Stelling (with Julie Lana as Assistant Admin). They attend every board meeting and exec. call, supporting the board in planning and logistics. We could not be more thankful for their dedication to Key Clubbers!

Clearly, the District Board is a busy place - but it is also one of the strongest communities out there. As part of a K-Fam, every Key Clubber has a connection to Kiwanians, other Key Clubbers, and the rest of the K-Fam around the world! Being on a board together just tightens that connection. If you are interested in joining the District Board, attend DCON and contact our Elections Chair (this year, Colton Ortiz at


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